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Domus Olea is a family company located in San Giuliano Terme, in the province of Pisa. The philosophy of the company is the passion for organic, the quality and the respect of the world around us. The company was founded by the father, who has always been interested in agriculture and nature has begun to dedicate himself to the cultivation of the olive tree. In 1998 they started to produce olive oil. In 2001 her daughter, Serena, after graduating in organic and multifunctional agriculture at the University of Pisa, began to devote herself to the foundation for the Domus Olea cosmetics line, which she continues to do today, always trying to improve her products. Domus Olea produces organic cosmetics with a high content of active ingredients. It collaborates with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Florence, in order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the product. The company grows the plants from which the extracts are obtained, in fact, part of the project with the University of Florence is just to understand what are the best techniques to get the most number of active ingredients for their products from the plants they grow.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 24 items